jimtyson (jimtyson) wrote,

Thing Comic Haul

My haul of comics collected at this year's UK Web and Mini Comix Thing. Met loads of friendly fellow comic-creators, and generally had a blast! People I met and made a purchase or two from (or at least had a drink with) include; unedibletom shug_comics cadwell burnt_jamb jabberworks joedecie lizzlunney tozocomic  www.myspace.com/kelleyhernandez agwatic.blogspot.com sallyjanethompson.viewbook.com www.carolineparkinson.co.uk 
www.amdrawing.co.uk www.cardboardpress.com  and anyone else I met. Good to meet you all!
Oh, and a message for my future table buddy, unedibletom - despite me not getting it together to share your table this time, I am gunning for Bristol! (Now to get busy....)

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